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Beyond SFA
    Charts and Graphs

    Navigation in xsalesOnline is guided through graphical dashboards designed to transform data into relevant information. These dashboards are where SFA and CRM are coupled with fundamental principals of Business Intelligence. Navigation in xsalesOnline is designed to facilitate analysis and information mining.
    Drill-down Analysis

    All lists, reports, charts and graphs incorporate and embraces drill down technology. That is users can click on a piece of information to get to the detail data used for deriving the specific piece of information.
    For example, Our Prospect Ranking lists all Prospects along with information relevant for ranking the prospects. One of the information is the number of sales call made to-date to a particular prospect. Users can click on the number of calls to pick up all sales calls made to a prospect in chronological order.
    Integration with MS Office

    xsalesOnline is closely integrated with MS Office technologies. Data from xsalesOnline can be downloaded into Word or Excel, as appropriate.
    Automated Missed Call Escalation

    This is an optional feature in xsalesOnline. xsalesOnline keeps track of the scheduled follow up calls and reminds the users of their upcoming schedule. If subscribed, this service will deliver Appointment Schedule through email into a userís Outlook Inbox. Moreover, based on specific rules, the service will automatically escalate Missed Call Reporting through the management hierarchy till it reaches the top designated executive who can be a CEO or Sales Head.
    Dynamic Query Generation

    Any list in xsalesOnline can be filtered using dynamic query generation feature. That is user can filter a list of information based on a combination of criteria as they deem fit for the purposes of their analysis.
    For example, while viewing the list of prospect a user can select Hot Prospects where less than six sales calls are made.
    Scalable Implementation

    The cutting-edge object, application and data architecture makes scalable implementation of xsalesOnline a reality. That is, an enterprise can start with a limited number of users with our subscription-based model, and then plan a phased enterprise wide roll out of the application by opting for our hosted application model.
    Larger organization, already equipped with robust web infrastructure, can even opt for onsite implementation by opting for our licensed based onsite implementation option.
    Email Campaign Automation

    You will be able to schedule annual, monthly or weekly emails to your prospects and / or customers using different email templates. Email templates can be managed with our document management options. This upcoming and optional feature will send emails to the designated recipients automatically on the scheduled date without any manual intervention.
    PaaS API Interface

    Especially useful to larger enterprises with substantial development resources, upcoming PaaS API will enable xsalesOnline users to develop proprietary add-on to xsalesOnline using their hosted database. PaaS API will also enable enterprises to download data from hosted xsalesOnline.
    Outlook Integration

    xsalesOnline users will soon be able to upload and synchronize their contacts and appointments with Microsoft Outlook.
    Role-based Security

    Create roles and assign roles to individual employees. Grant / restrict access to different features of xsalesOnline based on roles. With this optional feature you will also be able to define and manage individual access to different parts of the application. Role-based and Individual access control has been designed to work hand-in-hand giving the application administrator the ultimate flexibility of managing security. This option will be available to the users of xsalesOnline hosted implementation with at least 200 users and the enterprise-level onsite implementations.
  • Charts and graphs
  • Drill-down analysis
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Automated missed call escalation
  • Dynamic query generation
  • Scalable Implementation



Strategic adaptation of a Sales Force Automation solution leads to increased efficiency in managing teams and motivating sales executives, effective market scanning and opportunity identification, activity planning, execution and monitoring. A well designed SFA solution must be a growth enabler and team collaboration facilitator.

A strategic Sales Force Automation will equip sales executives with tools needed to maximize their market orientation and productivity. Managers should find it easier to manage their teams and sales processes with instantaneous and frictionless availability of information on market, competition, activity and individual performance.

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